On a periodic basis, clean the spindle taper in the machine with a material like Scotch BriteTM (one of the less aggressive versions.)  

Then also clean the area past the taper where the retention system opens up, and make sure this is free of chips and oil.  This should be done with a solvent that does not evaporate too quickly so it will break down the varnishes that have built up.  

And by a periodic basis we mean that it should be done monthly or more often, particularly for the oil and chip removal.  In a vertical machine the oil and chips fall down on the tool holder or get stuck in the taper.  This subverts the tolerance and causes premature spindle wear. 


It is sad, but true.  Your system is only as good as its weakest link.  Many people never suspect that beloved tool holder (you know the one that has been performing so well for all these years) as the culprit.


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