Milling machine spindle tapers deteriorate with use.  This can occur gradually over time or instantly when a tool is spun in the taper.

Certified Spindle Preparation, Inc., uses a patented,  proprietary process to regrind the worn taper at your site, on your machine without costly disassembly.  Most spindle tapers can be requalified with less than 4 hours of down time at a cost under $700.

Our patented process has significant advantages over traditional methods.

Cost Savings:  Traditional methods of removing the spindle and sending it out for repair can result in costs up to $25,000.

Time savings:  We perform our service right on your machine.  A job that formerly took weeks, is performed in hours!  The problem of ruined seals, premature bearing replacements, finding skilled personnel  and procurement lead times are avoided.

Better Performance:  Requalifying a spindle while it is in place has the same advantages as balancing a tire while it is on the car; run-out peculiarities are taken into account and compensated for.

Your spindles will be carefully and precisely ground to the correct angle with patented equipment designed by Certified Spindle Preparation, Inc.'s founder.  Our custom manufactured equipment accurately defines your machine's optimum spindle center.  It then dresses the taper according to the alignment of that center to the grinding equipment.  The X-Y perpendicularity and concentricity are all accounted for in this unique process.

Requalification is accomplished by rotating a high speed surfacing tool against the spindle taper while it rotates at low rpm. The final effect is a process that frequently yields accuracy to within .0005" T.I.R. at 12" of tool length.


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